The Story Behind Our Treats

Emily answers your most pressing questions.

Q: Does Emily really work at Emily’s Chocolates?
A: Yes she does (this is Emily, btw). My older sister Amy and I help run the company. While my sister is president and CEO, I wear many hats; one day I’m working on our website, another day, making truffles. I do whatever’s needed.

Q: How’d Emily’s get its start?
A: With the founders (and my parents): George and Susan Paulose. My dad, who is from Kerala (a southern India state) left his corporate job to start Emily’s. In doing so he brought over his six siblings from Kerala to help. He ended up naming his company after me because he wanted it to have my same fun energy, although I think Amy has tons of energy too!

Q: Where’s this love of chocolate come from?
A: All over the world. My dad has been globe-trotting for nearly 40 years but our family has also hosted visitors from numerous countries. These multicultural influences created a love of chocolate from many places, while also influencing how we create our unique flavors.

Q: Where do you get your nuts and dried fruits?
A: Here’s where we get our fruits and nuts. To say they’re well-traveled is, well, an understatement.
Cashews: South Asia, Africa, & Southeast Asia
Chocolate:  Africa & South America
Almonds: California
Pecans: Southern US and Mexico
Brazil Nuts: The majority come from the Amazon region, specifically, Bolivia
Hazelnuts: Oregon
Dried Fruits: Sourced from the Northwest, Midwest, and Northeast regions of the US.

Q: The finest, huh? Well, what makes Emily’s better than the others?
A: Glad you asked! Simply put, we use the best ingredients to make the best products. We don’t add chemicals or preservatives to any of our chocolate or nut products, keeping them as simple and pure as possible while using whole fruit and nut centers for unforgettable, premium tastes.

Q: Are your products certified kosher?
A: Our facility and many of our products are Certified Kosher by the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Union. To learn more, contact me at

Q: Do your products take other dietary restrictions into account?
A: Absolutely. We’ve refined our search and product descriptions to account for all types of dietary restrictions with products that are non-GMO, vegan, unsalted, lower sugar and carbs, or non-dairy. If you still need more info, please contact us.

Q: What’s the best way to get in touch?
A: Email me at Questions, comments, complaints, most likely I’ll be on the other end.